Skinnerboox publishing

We are glad to celebrate the birth of a new independent publishing house, Skinnerboox.

Founded by Milo Montelli and based in Italy, it focuses on contemporary photography with particular attention towards Italian young authors.
The inaugural released titles are Thoreau by Alessandro Calabrese and I resti del viandante by Giuseppe De Mattia.

Alessandro Calabrese’s work is the result of an artist residency conducted between 2012 and 2013 at the Natural Park of Mont Avic in Valle d’Aosta, Italy. The series, inspired by the writings of Henry David Thoreau – in particular “Walden, Life in the woods” – constitutes a delicate and inquiring wandering on the relationship between man and nature and its unexpected visual connections.

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Alessandro Calabrese, Thoreau

In I resti del viandante, Giuseppe De Mattia explores a seaside landscape in Southern Italy, matching forgotten and abandoned objects – evidence of human activities – with photographs depicting the geographical conformation of the land, elements that meet in an intriguing visual journey.



Giuseppe De Mattia, I resti del viandante


The name Skinnerboox comes from the Skinner Box, an “operant conditioning chamber” invented by Dr. Skinner in the early 30’s, a device of primary importance for the study of animal behavior.


Alessandro Calabrese, Thoreau
Giuseppe De Mattia, I resti del viandante
80 pp, € 22.00; 44 pp, € 15.00.



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