New Spread at Photobookfest 2017, Moscow

On May 12th, The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow is opening the exhibition New Spread, presenting works and books of modern Russian photographers as part of the PHOTOBOOKFEST 2017.

The exhibition curator is Anastasia Bogomolova, a young artist, researcher and book collector from the Urals.

Alyona Zhandarova

Alyona Zhandarova

Over the recent years, the format of the photobook, which enjoyed several waves of popularity abroad, has become for the Russian artists an advanced photographic practice, experimental site and instrument of promotion of their work among international audience. Russian photographers’ books are now regularly shortlisted in major contests and awards, and spark steady interest of the experts in the field at the European fairs.

Natalia Baluta. After a while. 2014

Natalia Baluta

New Spread is an attempt to explore the modern Russian photobook landscape and its heterogeneous structure. From simple and small photo zines to experimental and conceptual statements about the nature of photography and time, from small-circulation projects released independently to major publishing house solutions, from book dummies with threads sticking out of the cover to graceful objets d’art, from direct chronicles of public events to personal diaries with nonlinear narrative — the exposition at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography is designed to be an overview of the field, and at the same time it is a search for methods to display photobooks to a wider audience.

Arthur Bondar'.2

Arthur Bondar

The exhibition will be divided into several blocks, each uniting publications by their form and content. The participants of the New Spread are Yulia Borissova, Artur Bondar, Yana Romanova, Natalia Baluta, Yelena Kholkina, Alla Mirovskaya, Peter Antonov, Alyona Zhandarova, Yekaterina Anokhina, Irina Popova, Ikiru Kuwajima, Treemedia publishing house, Sreda creative laboratory, Photographica Academy and many others.

Elena Kholkina

Elena Kholkina

New Spread at PHOTOBOOKFEST 2017
From May 12th to June 18th, 2017 
The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography  
Boliotnaya emb. 3/1, Moscow