Max De Esteban, Heads Will Roll

Max De Esteban’s volume Heads Will Roll is the fourth episode of the author’s series of Propositions, a long-term investigation arising from today’s growing embracement of technologies within the artistic approaches and methods.

The images gathered in this book hail from a variety of sources, among which the digital world and the news, today definable as a fluid and incessant transition from past to present, real to fictional, image to text to sound. Esteban’s book does not provide linear narratives or hierarchies, but a collection of (mostly war-related) fragments of equal value.

As the title suggests, Heads Will Roll has a deeply unsettling nature. The author emphasizes the way the present is determined by catastrophe and accident, decadence and confusion. Through the accumulation of juxtapositions, merged into dark-colored plates, he underlines the constant state of insecurity that affects contemporary life.

It is a book about the absence of control.


Max De Esteban’s publication Heads Will Roll was selected among the 2014 Photobooks of the Year by LensCulture, and this work will be exhibited in a solo show at Klompching Gallery in New York from May to July 2015.





Max De Esteban, Heads Will Roll 
176 pp., €35.00