Things that Death Cannot Destroy

The artist Linda Fregni Nagler will be hosted at Moderna Museet in Stockholm to present Things that Death Cannot Destroy, the seventh chapter of a performance featuring 19th-century magic lanterns. The magic lantern was the forerunner of the film projector and was used to project images on walls at the end of the 19th century. Viewers are driven through time by means of the photos that Linda Fregni Nagler has collected for many years and which are projected by her old machines. The photos were taken between 1860 and 1940 and most of them are from Europe and the USA. Some are black and white, others beautifully and meticulously hand-tinted. They were originally intended as teaching aids, family portraits, scientific supports or documentation of people and places.

Some have detailed descriptions written along the margins about the subject in the photo, personal notes by the photographer or owner of the picture, copyrights of the slide producer; other images do not carry any caption and their subject remains mysterious.


Linda Fregni Nagler, Things that Death Cannot Destroy
Friday, September 11th at 6:30 and 7:30 pm
Saturday, September 12th at 2 and 3 pm 
Moderna Museet
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm


Linda Fregni Nagler was previously featured on Fantom Issue 00, Summer 2009. Read the full article here:

By Appointment Only. Francesco Zanot visits the collection of Linda Fregni Nagler