Tim Cullmann,
The Leitmotiv Issue

Metronom, in collaboration with THC architecture Modena, presents a selection of works by Tim Cullmann, winner of the portfolio review during the 2015 edition of Fotopub Festival.

The Leitmotiv Issue is a complete exploration based on new body of works and reflections belonging to different series: METRONOM_fuorimappa hosts Summer Collection. Cropped & Reloaded, a research on the value of images and the influences they reciprocally generate, while the series shown in THC architecture, I’d talk nicely to them and try and get them to come closer reflects on the subversion of the dark room’s technique through a strong use of natural light. Here, photography meets painting, high meets low, bad painting (spray gesture) meets high culture (barytha paper).

The inception and cornerstone of this project is the image itself: facing some generical questions like “Where do images come from?” and “What is the difference between images made by amateurs and others made by professionals?”, Cullmann applies appropriation, pictorial rhetoric and visual discourse in a common and familiar context: images aren’t neutral at all; they provoke uncommon reactions, from fascination to skepticism. From here, a net of connections, possibilities and free associations comes alive.



The Leitmotiv Issue is part of the year-round project Mapping the Studio, a research project organised by Metronom with the patronage of Modena Municipality.

Tim Cullmann, The Leitmotiv Issue
Until July, 2 2016
Via Carteria 8, Modena
THC architecture
Via Carteria 24, Modena