Caterina Barbieri/Ruben Spini and Francesco Cavaliere for Parla Ascolta Guarda Fai, Triennale Milano

On October 5th 2019, on the occasion of the opening evening of the new season of Triennale Milano Teatro, and of the launch of the project Parla Ascolta Guarda Fai, we brought on stage two unique performative projects: Caterina Barbieri and Ruben Spini’s Time-blind, and Francesco Cavaliere’s Zoo Machia Disc.

The musician, performer and visual artist Francesco Cavaliere presented a preview of his new work Zoo Machia Disc, a cycle of audio tales combining installative and choreographic elements. He was followed by the audio-visual performance Time-blind, the result of a collaboration between composer Caterina Barbieri and visual artist Ruben Spini. The work explores the experience of ecstasy and the relationship between perception, space and time. Previously featured in high-profile international venues and platforms (Sonar, Atonal, Funkhaus, Le Gaite Lyrique, The Silver Building, Today’s Art), the project was staged for Triennale in its Italian premiere in a theatre.

The evening coincided with the launch of Parla Ascolta Guarda Fai, an interdisciplinary programme of installations, exhibitions, performances, screenings, workshops and projects. Curated by Davide Giannella and Fantom for Triennale Milano, and coordinated for Fantom by Selva Barni and Benedetta Pomini, it will inhabit the spaces of Palazzo dell’Arte until February 2020.

Francesco Cavaliere lives and works in Berlin. His research combines materials and space. His works engages audiences affectively, transporting them on a journey inhabited by aural inputs and phenomena produced by imaginary voices and vitreous creatures. He is author and performer in the short audio series Gancio Cielo and, over the last decade, he has written imaginary worlds animated by his own voice and by a vast collection of sound effects that give character to his stories and settings. He has presented his work in high-profile platforms and venues in Europe (Riga International Biennale, Roskilde Festival, Manifesta Palermo, Café OTO London) and beyond (Montreal, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo).

Caterina Barbieri is an Italian artist whose work explores the phenomenology of perception and artificial intelligence in music through a minimalist vocabulary. Her research engages with the psychophysical effects of sound to investigate the creative potential of computation; it aims to explore processes of perception and memory, often interrogating altered states, ecstasy and hallucination. Her work has been presented in international contexts such as Atonal, Sonar, Unsound, Mutek, Primavera Sound, Barbican Centre, Philharmonie de Paris, Venice Biennale, Berghain. Her two most recent works, Patterns of Consciousness (Important Records) and Ecstatic Computation (Editions Mego), have received enthusiastic reviews from national and international critics (Fact Mag, The Wire, The Guardian, Resident Advisor).

Ruben Spini is an interdisciplinary Italian artist based in Milan. His artistic practice researches themes of perception and communicability, which he analyses by exploring the interaction between humans and nature and by engaging with the traditions of religious poetry and information theory.

Caterina Barbieri/Ruben Spini, Time-blind
and Francesco Cavaliere, Zoo Machia Disc 
Curated by Fantom for Parla Ascolta Guarda Fai 
Artistic Direction: Umberto Angelini
Curated by: Davide Giannella and Massimo Torrigiani/Fantom
October 5th, 2019
Triennale Milano