Massimo Torrigiani for Capo d’Arte, Gagliano del Capo: Altrove. Soundwalk Collective

You have until August 29th to visit “Altrove: Soundwalk Collective” at Gagliano del Capo, Apulia, Italy.

Having now reached its sixth edition, Capo d’Arte returns once more to look into unknown artistic worlds, with the aim of exploring other continents in both geographical and creative terms. The second exhibition in the trilogy of shows entitled Altrove – inaugurated last year with a retrospective of the Chinese video artist Yang Fudong – features the Soundwalk Collective, a group of international artists/composers based in Berlin and New York, made up of the founder Stephan Crasneanscki (Russia – France), Simone Merli (Italy) and Kamran Sadeghi (Iran – USA). Curated by Massimo Torrigiani (co-founder of Fantom), artistic director of Capo D’Arte over the period 2014-2016, the exhibition setting is the work of Luca Cipelletti, the Milanese architect whose work explores the crossover between art and architecture. For the first time, Capo d’Arte features the sonic research linked to sound art, exploring the imagery of a collective whose artistic mission shifts between nomadism, documentation and the acts of recording and listening. 

Hearing is another form of seeing… The conjunction of sound and image insists on the engagement of the viewer, forcing participation in real space and concrete, responsive thought rather than illusionary space and thought. 
(Don Goddard, from Vito Acconci, William Hellermann, Don Goddard, Sound/Art, New York: The Foundation, 1984, 29 p.p, catalogue of the exhibition curated by William Hellermann at SculptureCenter, New York, 1984).


Capo D’Arte is a non-profit organization promoting contemporary art in Puglia, coordinated by Francesca Bonomo and Francesco Petrucci. Ever since its foundation, Capo d’Arte has staged an annual show featuring the work of major international artists, often for the first time in Puglia, such as Mario Airò, Francesco Arena, Kader Attia, Rossella Biscotti, Yang Fudong, Ahmet Ogut, Adrian Paci, Luigi Presicce, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Elisa Sighicelli, Sisley Xhafa and many others.


Soundwalk Collective. As well as being performed live at the key music festivals and major art spaces around the world, the works of the Soundwalk Collective have been issued on vinyl by research record companies like Asphalt Tango Records, Arma and Dis Voir. The spaces that have staged the Soundwalk Collective concerts and installations most recently include: the Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris); Museo Madre (Naples); New Museum (New York); National Museum of Singapore; Mobile Art by Zaha Hadid (Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York); EXIT Festival al Maison des Arts de Creteils (Paris); Villa de Noailles – Centre d’Art et de Culture Contemporain (Hyères); Florence Gould Hall (New York); ARMA 17 (Moscow); Lille Fantastic (Lille); Berghain Panorama Bar (Berlin); MUDAM (Luxemburg); TAP (Poitiers); MuCEM (Marseilles), and the CTM Festival 2013 & 2014 (Berlin).

26th July – 29th August 2015
From 7pm to 11pm – free entrance
Palazzo Daniele Romasi
Via Leopardi 7
Gagliano del Capo, Lecce, Italy