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Codice di avviamento fantastico (Fantasy Access Code) at Palazzo Reale

We are happy to announce the exhibition Codice di avviamento fantastico (Fantasy Access Code), the second show in a cycle curated by Davide Quadrio and Fantom’s Massimo Torrigiani, commissioned and produced by Alcantara with the Municipality of Milan and Palazzo Reale. The show will take place in the rooms of the Apartment of the Prince from March 28th to April 30th at…

Takashi Homma, Milano skyline, from the series The Narcissistic City, 2017 © Takashi Homma, Courtesy of Viasaterna

La città narcisista. Milano e altre storie, Takashi Homma in Viasaterna

We are happy to announce our latest project La città narcisista. Milano e altre storie (The Narcissistic City. Milan and Other Stories), Takashi Homma’s first solo show in Italy, opening in Viasaterna on Tuesday, March 21st. The exhibition revolves around three main recurrent themes in the artist’s work: the city, the encounter between nature and human intervention, and the acts…


In Conflict, Visible White Photo Prize 2017

The 6th edition of the Visible White Photo Prize is open for entries until Match 14th, 2017. Photographers are invited to submit individual images or projects under the theme In Conflict, as described by the curator of the project Laura Serani: “Conflicts, whether economic, political or religious, conflicts for power, land, water, oil, are evermore widespread…

Volantino Ufficiale

To Repel Ghosts at Guido Costa Projects

The exhibition To Repel Ghosts – named after Jean-Michel Basquiat’s 1986 eponymous painting – will be opening at Guido Costa Projects on Friday, February 17th at 5 pm.  For many years, Guido Costa has hunted down and collected photographs of ghosts. These pieces now form the core of this show, which provides a kaleidoscopic picture of this uncanny environment. The…

Mario Milizia, Untitled, 2016, tapestry details, cm 220x145. © Mario Milizia, courtesy Viasaterna

Controcuore, Mario Milizia in Viasaterna

We are happy to announce our latest project Controcuore, the first solo show by Mario Milizia in Viasaterna, opening on Tuesday, 24 January 2017 at 6 pm. Controcuore is the result of a combination of Milizia’s recent work, carried out using various media at different times, following the modus operandi of an artist who is both inclusive and disruptive, eclectic and…


Ho visto un re (The King and I) in Shanghai

The exhibition Ho visto un re (The King And I), curated by Fantom’s Massimo Torrigiani and Davide Quadrio, produced by Alcantara and first presented in the Apartment of the Prince of Palazzo Reale, Milan, from September 20th to October 23rd, 2016, is travelling to the Shanghai Gallery of Art from January 10th to February 9th, 2017.  Originally and specifically conceived for the…

Thomas Sauvin, Beijing Silvermine; 2009-2016. 
Image courtesy of Thomas Sauvin

Trame: Reality Art Cinema Invention at Spazio Murat, Bari

Bari’s new centre for contemporary art and culture, a project wanted by the Municipality and directed by Fantom’s Massimo Torrigiani, has officially started its activities with an exhibition dedicated to the work of eight artists among the most prominent of the international scene: John Akomfrah, The Atlas Group, Yto Barrada, Rossella Biscotti, Ho Tzu Nyen, João…

Greg Reynolds, Jesus Days, 1978-1983. © Greg Reynolds

Give Me Yesterday at Fondazione Prada Osservatorio

Give Me Yesterday, curated by Fantom’s Francesco Zanot, inaugurates the program of Osservatorio, Fondazione Prada’s new exhibition space in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan dedicated to photography and visual languages. The show includes works by 14 Italian and international artists – Melanie Bonajo, Kenta Cobayashi, Tomé Duarte, Irene Fenara, Lebohang Kganye, Vendula Knopova, Leigh Ledare,…

All images © Takashi Homma and MACK

Takashi Homma, The Narcissistic City

Takashi Homma’s latest book The Narcissistic City, published by MACK, reveals the artist’s fascinating and renovated approach to cities and cityscapes, a recurrent subject of his ever-changing research. The book is composed of images taken with a pinhole camera, which was placed in rooms and hotel rooms in the metropolitan areas of various cities in Japan and the USA.  …

Left: Francesca Rivetti,3760 Black Glove, Negative and Grotesque Old Print, 2016 © Francesca Rivetti, courtesy Viasaterna  Right: Kensuke Karasawa, To The Depths No.1 A, 2016 © Kensuke Karasawa, courtesy Star Gallery_Viasaterna

Due Mondi in Viasaterna

We are happy to announce our latest project Due Mondi, which brings together the Japanese artist Kensuke Karasawa, for the first time in Italy, and Francesca Rivetti’s latest project I Want To Talk To Seymour Too; opening in Viasaterna, on Tuesday, October 11th at 6 pm. Due Mondi is a show revolving around two fundamental themes. Nature, first of all,…


Focus on: Giovanna Silva, Humboldt Books for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

Founded by Giovanna Silva in 2012, Humboldt Books is a publishing house focusing on travel literature. Paying homage to the scientific expeditions of the XVIII and XIX century, it recounts places and countries, travels and travellers, embracing different disciplines such as geography, literature, art and photography. F: What was your first approach to photography? GS: I have to…

The Hole, Lifta, Israel 2014 © Vittoria Mentasti, courtesy Viasaterna

Focus On: Vittoria Mentasti for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

She tells real stories unfolding in hot locations, but Vittoria Mentasti is neither a journalist nor a reporter; she acts more as a wandering minstrel. Her stories illustrate facts and data through the lens of a visionary. Her series Lifta, the title of which comes from the name of a little village nearby Jerusalem, describes…

All images © Delfino Sisto Legnani

Focus on: Delfino Sisto Legnani for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

Delfino Sisto Legnani brings his experience as an editorial and commercial photographer into his personal research. This is primarily visible in the style of his images, in which the most typical traits of the professional practice – i.e. lighting and staging – constitute an inevitable reference scheme. In the case of Beautiful Waste, the work presented in 2016 – On New…

Domingo Milella, Myra, Turchia, 2012. © Domingo Milella, courtesy Viasaterna

Focus on: Domingo Milella for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

Time is the fundamental subject of Domingo Milella’s work. In his often large-scale photographs, traces of the past take the form of a universal writing, which melts with the language of photography to narrate the history of humankind through its relationship with space. Inhabiting, transforming, interpreting and creating are the recurrent actions that determinate Milella’s imaginary and research. The two photographs on view in 2016 – On New Italian Photography,…


Ho visto un re (The King and I) at Palazzo Reale

We are happy to announce the exhibition Ho visto un re (The King And I), curated by Fantom co-founder Massimo Torrigiani and Davide Quadrio, commissioned and produced by Alcantara with the Municipality of Milan and Palazzo Reale. The show will take place in the rooms of the Apartment of the Prince from September 20th to October 23rd at Milan’s…

All images © Discipula

Focus on: Discipula for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

Discipula is an artist collective working in the field of visual research, founded in 2013 by Marco Paltrinieri, Mirko Smerdel and Tommaso Tanini: a social psychologist, a visual artist and a photographer respectively. Discipula produces image-based art projects; they design, self-publish and distribute printed matter, and hold lectures and workshops. Working across a range of media, Discipula delves into the production,…

All images © Federico Clavarino

Focus on: Federico Clavarino for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

Federico Clavarino works with symbols. His photographs, often close-ups, represent one subject at a time, a detail, and place it firmly in front of the viewer, leaving no chance to distraction. They are the playing cards of an unknown game, forming a syncopated and hyperbolic narration. The Castle is a series dedicated to Europe. Starting from…


Focus on: Lele Saveri for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

Lele Saveri’s work combines underground culture, fanzines, mysterious atmospheres, classic beauty and vernacular photography. An entangled and immediate melting pot. Barricades, his series on view at 2016 – On new Italian Photography, was made as the 2014 student protests in Hong Kong, against the electoral reform and in support of democracy, unfolded. Fifty years later, we witness…

All images © Bea De Giacomo

Focus on: Bea De Giacomo for
2016 – On New Italian Photography

Bea De Giacomo combines elements hailing from different photographic fields. Fashion, still-life, staged photography and snapshots are mixed and blended together, shaping an innovative and personal language beyond any convention. The protagonist of the body of work in 2016 – On New Italian Photography is maternity, represented through a series of photographs which are so straightforward, that the weight and density of…

copertina capo d'arte

Altrove: Shilpa Gupta,
My East Is Your West

Capo d’Arte, not-for-profit organization promoting contemporary art in Puglia, presents the seventh edition of its annual festival in Gagliano del Capo. Since its inception in 2009, Capo d’Arte has staged an annual show featuring the works of more than 20 major Italian and international artists, often for the first time in Apulia, including Yang Fudong, Soundwalk Collective,…

All images © Daniel Castro Garcia

John Radcliffe Studio, Foreigner:
Migration into Europe 2015–2016

Shortlisted for the First Book Award 2016 – a photography prize established by Mack to support emerging photographers – and selected as The Photography Book of the Month in The Observer, the publication Foreigner: Migration into Europe 2015–2016 is the result of a one-year photographic research on the Europe’s refugee and migrant crisis carried out by photographer Daniel Castro Garcia and graphic…

All images © Francesco Nazardo

Focus on: Francesco Nazardo for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

The human figure is the favourite and recurrent subject of Francesco Nazardo’s work. Details of the body, in particular. Fragmented and torn to pieces, so that the eye of the viewer is oriented and inevitably voyeuristic. Placed within familiar and fairy atmospheres, his characters perform enigmatic gestures, rather than codified and shared actions. They methodically lead…

Teresa Giannico, Notes.  All images © Teresa Giannico

Focus on: Teresa Giannico for
2016 – On New Italian Photography

Teresa Giannico’s research instills doubt on the documentary value of photography trough a process of reconstruction of reality. Her works are the result of a series of consecutive steps, which shape a clear stratification: the subjects of Lay Out, the series on view at 2016 – On New Italian Photography – once the original pictures from…

All images © Planar

Focus on: Planar for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

Planar Books is a publishing house founded in 2015. It is directed by Antonio Ottomanelli (who was recently appointed among the 2016 Foam Talents) and promoted by Planar, a non-profit organization dedicated to photography, born in Bari by the will of Anna Vasta, Antonio Ottomanelli, Letizia Trulli and Francesco Stelitano. Planar Books promotes photographic and artistic…

Allegra Martin, Maurizio Sacripanti, 2015. All images © Allegra Martin

Focus on: Allegra Martin for
2016 – On New Italian Photography

Allegra Martin’s work takes inspiration from the photographic tradition of landscape, territory and architecture, and renovates it: her photographs introduce a narrative. They do not tell stories and there is no linearity, however the objects she places within the frame seem to be connected by a plot. Atmospheres are suspended. The temperature, cold. Noir scenarios are…

bae8fe_f4d8fb, Full beard, 2015

Focus on: The Cool Couple for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

The Cool Couple is an artistic duo composed of Niccolò Benetton (born in Arzignano, Vicenza, in 1986) and Simone Santilli (born in Portogruaro, Venezia, in 1987). Their work is based on a deep observation of very specific and peculiar phenomena, which originate a series of reflections and considerations of global interest on issues such as…

Alessandro Sambini, Replay! - second episode, video still, 2015. Images of artworks courtesy Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venice.

Focus on: Alessandro Sambini for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

Alessandro Sambini uses photography and video to create installations that interact with the exhibition space and change its perception. The mechanisms and languages of information, communication and television are the main subjects of his work, which explores the control strategies carried out by broadcasting stations and their effects on consumers. The work presented in 2016…

Alba Caride Costas, from the series Ooooolympics

Focus on: Martina Corà for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

Martina Corà dedicates her work to the most popular uses and functions of photography in order to investigate its social values and communicative meanings. For the two series featured in 2016 – On New Italian Photography, Quadri Cinesi che si Muovono and Ooooolympics respectively, the artist did not take any photographs, building her projects on…

20140212 Michelangelo and its original matrix

Focus on: Alessandro Calabrese
for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

In A Failed Entertainment, Alessandro Calabrese reflects on the language of photography. Starting from the web search of his own photographs, his works are the result of a process of accumulation that mimes today’s condition of overexposure to images. At the geometric center of the frame, where the images overlap, a dark, thick and illegible…