Focus on: Bea De Giacomo for
2016 – On New Italian Photography

Bea De Giacomo combines elements hailing from different photographic fields. Fashion, still-life, staged photography and snapshots are mixed and blended together, shaping an innovative and personal language beyond any convention. The protagonist of the body of work in 2016 – On New Italian Photography is maternity, represented through a series of photographs which are so straightforward, that the weight and density of the womb can be perceived. Here, maternity has an objective, sculptural, suspended presence, at the limit between the set of an advertising spot and the mystery of life.
F: What was your first approach to photography?
BDG: I was studying Cultural and Linguistic Mediation in Turin. I lived there alone and didn’t know anyone in the city, thus during the first period I was very bored. Walking around the city, I found a toy camera in a shop and decided to buy it. I started shooting everyday, won a scholarship for a photographic school, left university and moved back to Milan.
F: Who or what had an influence on what you do?
BDG: Everyday life and people.

F: What stories do you like to tell?
BDG: I generally like to tell peaceful stories. I love calm atmospheres, and I am always intrigued by strangers’ personal stories. I am a curious person. Fascinated by small things.

F: What is the best photobook you have seen so far?
BDG: I don’t have a favourite photobook, however the one I fell in love with most recently is My Last Day At Seventeen by Doug Dubois (2015).

F: What is the best exhibition you have seen recently?
BDG: Ennesima at La Triennale di Milano was really intense.

F: And the record you like the most?
BDG: I’m a bit nostalgic with music, all my favourite records date back to 2007 or before. It depends on the mood.

F: What are your future projects?
BDG: I’m planning a trip for a personal project. In general, I hope to have time to travel more.bea2Bea De Giacomo, born in Varese, in 1982, lives and works in Milan. After graduating in 2008 from the European Institute of Design in Milan, she began working as freelance photographer, specialising in still-life photography. Over recent years she has focused on portraiture and publishing projects. Her work is known internationally and her collaborations include prestigious magazines such as The New York Times, Wallpaper*, Vogue, Mousse Magazine and brands such as Missoni and Alessi. In 2016, she was assigned the Miart advertising campaign by Mousse. Among her main group shows are Jump at Art- O-Rama (Marseilles, 2014), Soup of Flies at the Pomo Gallery (Milan, 2014), Disappearance on the occasion of PhotoArtVerona (Verona, 2011), Sie Leben at the AC-Galerie (Berlin, 2010), Prime Visioni at the Galleria Belvedere (Milan, 2010), and (F)our on the occasion of Festival Fotografia Europea (Reggio Emilia, 2009).

Bea De Giacomo’s studio in Milan.