Focus on: Alessandro Sambini for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

Alessandro Sambini uses photography and video to create installations that interact with the exhibition space and change its perception. The mechanisms and languages of information, communication and television are the main subjects of his work, which explores the control strategies carried out by broadcasting stations and their effects on consumers. The work presented in 2016 – On New Italian Photography, titled Replay!, consists of a television format in which two families have to replicate an assigned video – defined according to the theme of the respective episode – by recording it with a smartphone. The result is a complex survey on the construction of an imagery, thus on the power of images and their social and political value.

F: What was your first approach to photography?
AS: My first approach to photography has to do with the slides that my mother used to make with her Nikkormat FT3. I also remember how I became my grandmother’s official photographer, she used to keep asking me: “Please, take a picture of me.” She had a nice Canon disposable camera.

F: Who or what had an influence on what you do?
AS: So many people: photographers, artists, friends, family. Creating images is a process of sharing ideas and thoughts, it is about printing, editing, projecting or broadcasting something and then showing it to someone else and discussing it. Sometimes this process takes the size of an exhibition, sometimes it becomes a smugglers’ affair in a bar.

F: What stories do you like to tell?
AS: I like to spend a lot of time trying to understand what it’s worth to be focusing onto, but if I had to choose a main epic story, I would say my recurring one is “The story of the spectacle and the spectator.”

F: What is the best photobook you have seen so far?
AS: Alessia Bernardini, Becoming Simone (Self published, 2014).

F: What is the best exhibition you have seen recently?
AS: An exhibition I enjoyed a lot is Art Post-Internet at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) in Beijing, China, 2014.

F: And the record you like the most?
AS: The record I like the most is: let me ask Spotify…

F: What are your future projects?
AS: My future project is to develop some kind of software.

Alessandro Sambini, Replay! - second episode, trittico, courtesy Galleria Michela Rizzo, 2015

Replay! – second episode, triptych, 2015


“Get the goose!”, 2016

Get the goose!, 2016

Alessandro Sambini, born in Rovigo in 1982, lives and works in Milan.
 After a degree in Design from the Free University of Bozen and a Master in Research Architecture from the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmith’s College (London), he moved to Milan. Here, he began to work with photography, video and other multimedia devices in order to question the needs and approaches that regulate the production of new images, their circulation and spread, and their relationship with the general public. In 2016 he took part to the collective exhibition Stories From the Edge at the Kunsthaus in Graz (Austria), curated by Francesca Lazzarini. His projects were also presented at Foto/Industria, the 2nd Biennale of Industrial Photography curated by François Hébel at MAST (Bologna, 2015); at the Serra dei Giardini in Venice on the occasion of the 57th Biennale; at the Galleria Giovanni Bonelli within the show Lo Spettatore Emancipato, curated by Angela Madesani (Milan, 2014). He has collaborated with various artistic institutions including the Museum of Photography of Cinisello Balsamo (Milan) and La Triennale di Milano. He is represented by Michela Rizzo Gallery, Venice.


Alessandro Sambini, Replay! - second episode, video still courtesy Galleria Michela Rizzo, 2015

Replay! – second episode, video still, 2015


Alessandro Sambini, Replay! - second episode, video still courtesy Galleria Michela Rizzo, 2015

Replay! – second episode, video still, 2015

Alessandro Sambini, Replay! - second episode, backstage, courtesy Galleria Michela Rizzo, 2015

Replay! – second episode, backstage, 2015

Alessandro Sambini’s workplace in Milan.