Altrove: Shilpa Gupta,
My East Is Your West

Capo d’Arte, not-for-profit organization promoting contemporary art in Puglia, presents the seventh edition of its annual festival in Gagliano del Capo. Since its inception in 2009, Capo d’Arte has staged an annual show featuring the works of more than 20 major Italian and international artists, often for the first time in Apulia, including Yang Fudong, Soundwalk Collective,…

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All images © Daniel Castro Garcia

John Radcliffe Studio, Foreigner:
Migration into Europe 2015–2016

Shortlisted for the First Book Award 2016 – a photography prize established by Mack to support emerging photographers – and selected as The Photography Book of the Month in The Observer, the publication Foreigner: Migration into Europe 2015–2016 is the result of a one-year photographic research on the Europe’s refugee and migrant crisis carried out by photographer Daniel Castro Garcia and graphic…

All images © Francesco Nazardo

Focus on: Francesco Nazardo for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

The human figure is the favourite and recurrent subject of Francesco Nazardo’s work. Details of the body, in particular. Fragmented and torn to pieces, so that the eye of the viewer is oriented and inevitably voyeuristic. Placed within familiar and fairy atmospheres, his characters perform enigmatic gestures, rather than codified and shared actions. They methodically lead…

Teresa Giannico, Notes.  All images © Teresa Giannico

Focus on: Teresa Giannico for
2016 – On New Italian Photography

Teresa Giannico’s research instills doubt on the documentary value of photography trough a process of reconstruction of reality. Her works are the result of a series of consecutive steps, which shape a clear stratification: the subjects of Lay Out, the series on view at 2016 – On New Italian Photography – once the original pictures from…

All images © Planar

Focus on: Planar for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

Planar Books is a publishing house founded in 2015. It is directed by Antonio Ottomanelli (who was recently appointed among the 2016 Foam Talents) and promoted by Planar, a non-profit organization dedicated to photography, born in Bari by the will of Anna Vasta, Antonio Ottomanelli, Letizia Trulli and Francesco Stelitano. Planar Books promotes photographic and artistic…

Allegra Martin, Maurizio Sacripanti, 2015. All images © Allegra Martin

Focus on: Allegra Martin for
2016 – On New Italian Photography

Allegra Martin’s work takes inspiration from the photographic tradition of landscape, territory and architecture, and renovates it: her photographs introduce a narrative. They do not tell stories and there is no linearity, however the objects she places within the frame seem to be connected by a plot. Atmospheres are suspended. The temperature, cold. Noir scenarios are…

bae8fe_f4d8fb, Full beard, 2015

Focus on: The Cool Couple for 2016 – On New Italian Photography

The Cool Couple is an artistic duo composed of Niccolò Benetton (born in Arzignano, Vicenza, in 1986) and Simone Santilli (born in Portogruaro, Venezia, in 1987). Their work is based on a deep observation of very specific and peculiar phenomena, which originate a series of reflections and considerations of global interest on issues such as…